Topographic survey or laser scanner? Two techniques compared.

Recently a client with whom we have never worked before, asked us to estimate the survey of a medium-sized hotel. The objective was to measure and represent the external areas, the shape of the building and the 4 elevations, which given the articulated shape of the various volumes, would not have been easy to ...


5 ways to increase the survey accuracy​

Perform a geometric survey to measure and represent land or a building, it is a complex process that requires professionalism and attention from the detector. From its choices and the way how the survey will be made depend the overall accuracy, and ultimately the quality of work. There are some basic rules that a surveyor…


A good survey. Cost or investment?​

Uno dei nostri mercati di riferimento comprende i professionisti del mondo dell’architettura e dell’ingegneria civile, che come noto occupandosi di progettazione alle diverse scale e operando sul patrimonio edilizio esistente, a rigor di logica dovrebbe essere, per noi, un bacino di clienti molto ampio. In effetti abbiamo spesso a che fare con questa tipologia di…


How does it work a 3D Laser Scanner?​

For some years now, in the market of surveying and metrology, have made their appearance the 3D laser scanner that are increasingly being used for the acquisition of geometric information in various sectors and for different fields of application. This technology has greatly speeded up the phase of acquisition of 3D coordinates that define the…


How much cost a 3D Laser Scanning survey?

The first question that potential and already established custome ask us when they are looking for laser scanning services is: “How much it cost a 3D Laser Scanning survey?”. It is certainly not easy to determine the cost of a survey, since there are a very large number of variables that come into play when…​

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