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Global survey services!


  • Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Restoration
  • Plant
  • Naval
 We work with designers and architectural firms, producing surveys of the existing and As built documentation accurate and precise.
We can create 3D BIM models starting from point clouds, while maintaining the accuracy required by the customer.

We are able to measure and monitor complex structures over time even in critical situations.
We provide 2D/3D deliverable and reports of periodic monitoring.

We measure and represent historical buildings and archaeological sites, using laser scanning and/or photogrammetry, which allow to obtain very accurate geometric information and material.

We can measure complex production facilities and sites using 3D laser scanners and software specialized in delivery of structures of this type.

We are able to measure and represent inner and outer vessels, producing media 2D and 3D graphics for use in the process of refitting.

Laser Scanning

3D architectural and plant surveys


High precision topographic surveys


3D Building Information Models creation

As built

2D/3D surveys of existing buildings


High definition photografic surveys


Complexe structures monitoring

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LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging or Laser Imaging Detection and Ranging) is a remote sensing technique that allows to determine the distance of an object or a surface using a laser pulse.

As for the radar, which uses light instead of radio waves, the distance of the object is determined by measuring the time elapsed between the emission and the reception of the backscattered signal. The source of a LIDAR system is a laser, or a coherent beam of light at a precise wavelength, which is sent to the system to observe. Lidar technology has applications in geology, seismology, remote sensing and atmospheric physics.

The latest generation of 3D laser scanner as the Z + F Imager 5010C, using this measurement technology in combination with a digital camera HDR, which also allows real-time capture color information in RGB format.