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A good survey. Cost or investment?

A good survey: COST or INVESTMENT?

rilievo costo o investimento

One of our target markets include professionals in the world of architecture and civil engineering, which as you know, dealing with design at different scales and working on existing buildings, logically should be, for us, a very large customer base.

In fact we often have to deal with this type of customer, who calls us because they needs to accurately measure a property that will be the subject of a renovation, a land on which they will have to develop a new real estate project or an industrial plant.

This type of customer is not usually the final customer; in turn has a client who entrusts him with the design and all technical activities. It goes without saying that if the customer of our client managed to snatch a profitable deal (for him) the resources available for the outsourcing activities are quite limited, and this has an impact on the quality of service they will need to outsource.

Perform a survey using instruments such as total stations and 3D laserscanner, knowing which operational procedures are necessary to achieve the accuracy and detail required, is a highly specialized activity and, although in our country is not recognized as happens abroad, the surveyor profession can not be improvised. It requires constant study, precision, method and attention to detail.

A survey carried out by art, with the right level of detail, accuracy required and characterized by complete information, time and resources, should be considered an investment and not a cost.

Why this distinction? Because a good survey, like any investment done wisely, will earn money. How? Allowing you to gain advantage in the later stages of the development process:

A survey with the right level of detail will speed up the planning stage, because provides the designer a complete and detailed picture of the current situation on which to work. It can be reused by different technical figures involved in the project (architect, structural engineer, project managers, suppliers of materials etc.).

An accurate survey avoids mistakes which may result in slowdowns, construction stops, errors in the quantification of materials etc., and allows you to take critical decisions with a certain tranquility.

A survey represented and returned in full, allows professionals who will use it to get a complete picture of information, geometric and qualitative, which will optimize the work time.

So, invest in a quality service, maybe spending a little more, but in return for a guarantee that the work is performed respecting strict criteria of accuracy and completeness, it is certainly a good idea and can only bring future benefits.