A good survey. Cost or investment?

A good survey: COST or INVESTMENT?

October, 8, 2019

Topic: Laser Scanner, Business

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One of our reference markets includes professionals from the world of architecture and civil engineering, who, as we are familiar with, designing at different scales and operating on the existing building heritage, logically should be, for us, a customer base very broad.

In fact, we often deal with this type of customer, who calls us because he needs to accurately measure a property that will have to be the subject of a remediation or renovation, a land on which a new real estate project will have to be developed or maybe an industrial plant.

This type of customer is usually not the end customer; in turn, it has a client who is in charge of the design and of all ancillary technical activities. It goes without saying that if our client’s client has managed to snatch an advantageous agreement (for him) the resources available for outsourced activities will be rather limited, and this has repercussions on the quality of the service that will have to be commissioned from outside.

Performing a survey using instruments such as total stations and 3D laser scanners, knowing which operating procedures are necessary to obtain the required accuracy and detail, is a highly specialized activity and, even if in our country it is not yet recognized as it happens at the abroad, the profession of the surveyor cannot be improvised. It requires continuous study, precision, method and attention to detail.

A survey carried out with a work of art, with the right level of detail, the necessary accuracy and characterized by a completeness of information, requires time and resources, which is why it must be considered an investment and not a cost.

Why this distinction?

Good relief, like any prudent investment, will surely lead to the gain of dendaro money. It comes spontaneously to ask how this can happen, but the answer is very simple and we find it in the advantages that are obtained in the successive phases of the development process of the building intervention:

A survey with the right degree of detail makes it possible to speed up the design phase, because it provides the designer with a complete and detailed picture of the state of affairs on which he must work. It can be reused by the various technical figures who collaborate in the project (architect, structural engineer, installers, project managers, material suppliers, etc.).
Accurate survey helps to avoid errors, which can result in slowdowns, downtime, errors in the quantification of materials, etc., and allows critical decisions to be taken with sufficient peace of mind.
A relief represented and returned in a complete way, allows professionals who use it to have a complete picture of geometric and qualitative information, which will optimize work times.


So we have come to the conclusion that the most correct term to associate with laser scanners must not be cost but investment, because investing in a quality service, perhaps spending a little more but asking in exchange for the guarantee that the work is carried out in strict compliance Accuracy and completeness criteria, it is certainly a good idea and can only bring future benefits.

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