3D virtual tours: 8 reasons to use this new communication tool

3D virtual tours: 8 reasons to use this new communication tool

November, 26, 2019

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Surveying by means of a 3D laser scanner is undoubtedly one of the most modern survey techniques, as it offers, in real time, the spatial coordinates of a set of points, called point cloud, belonging to the detected structure, from which it is It is possible to obtain the desired graphic representations through dedicated software.

When this is combined with photogrammetry techniques, the resulting result is even more complete. We are talking about texturized 3D models, more readable point clouds thanks to the color coordinated, a more solid modeling of the work as well as the possibility of extracting orthophotos.

The applications therefore are really so many, many already present, many in speriementazione and maybe many still to be discovered.

But in a way dominated by technology, the internet and increasingly revolutionary tools, we have to think: what if these techniques were used in a completely new and innovative way, for example to communicate?

When it is said that sometimes an image is worth more than a thousand words, then imagine how valuable it can be in terms of experience, emotions and sensations the possibility of immersing yourself in a virtual reality in which interactivity reigns supreme.

Here is how interactive 3D virtual tours are a clear example of how these techniques can have a very important role as a means of communication.

And it is precisely this term, interactivity, that arouses our interest and most excites us. Today we are no longer content to be merely spectators, but we want to actively participate. Therefore having the opportunity to immerse yourself in a virtual reality, deciding how to act, what to do and where to move guarantees unique emotions, and the communication that first of all must aim at the emotional aspect to have the right effectiveness must take this prosperous road.


Who decided to use the virtual tour

Different realities, such as real estate companies, the hotel sector, catering services, have already decided to adopt this innovative communication model, creating marketing strategies based on interactive virtual tours, immediately discovering exceptional benefits:

in the first place an 80% increase in visits to the sites of those who decided to use this communication system was recorded in a short time.

It has also been estimated that 68% of users prefer to visit a 3D model compared to simple images for an average duration of 6 minutes, and consequently 49% more leads than the conventional conventional ones. Thanks to virtual tours, requests for information have increased about four times.


  1. DISTINGUISHED FROM COMPETITION: it creates an element of instantaneous differentiation with respect to your competitors still bound by traditional methods.
  2. THE PORTALS ARE NOW READY: Zoopla, ightmove, OnTheMarket and Google Street View now incorporate all the features to allow 3D virtual tour procedures for all devices.
  3. INVOLVE MORE PEOPLE: give a buyer the chance to immerse himself in a 3D virtual model and make him more inclined to interact with you directly.
  4. SELL MORE FAST: it has been statistically proven that products and services sell five times faster with the 3D virtual tour than traditional images.
  5. CONQUER PEOPLE: with a 3D virtual tour, buyers make a decision in just 6 minutes; conquers the customer with a unique experience of its kind.
  6. OFFER A SERVICE 24/7: a 3D virtual tour gives the opportunity to guide a customer around a property at any time and from anywhere. Break down space-time barriers.
  7. STAY IN THE MEMORY: allow the customer to enjoy a virtual tour that leaves a lasting impression.
  8. SAVE TIME: avoid wasting your and your client’s time. Viral procedures are an excellent pre-qualification tool that allows you to better manage your business.



The most recent of the main mass media, and the most important of the new media, is the Internet. It now has a worldwide reach, and is constantly and rapidly expanding. Knowing how to make the most of this powerful vehicle is the challenge that every company must accept and try to win in order to be always ready and prepared to appear in an increasingly cometitive market. But how?

A solution could be the use of new means and tools to communicate so as to occupy a position first in the mind of the consumer and consequently on the market …. and what could be better than exploiting the virtual world by giving the viewer the chance to interact in the first pesona?

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