To be able to perform a revamping operation in the best possible way, it is essential to know perfectly not only the plant but also the type and composition of the site where the plant is located. Each revamping intervention must therefore always be preceded by an accurate study of the geometric structure of the plant.
In this way it will be possible to obtain a correct descriptive geometric representation of the structure.

The initial phase of the revamping is among the most important:

  • Inspection of existing facilities and assessment of the current situation
  • Planning and design of all the phases necessary for the plant to function optimally and generate expected returns

Surely the surveys by 3D laser scanner, the most advanced technology in the field of surveys, is the best choice to outline a precise and accurate survey.



  • Significant reduction in data acquisition times
  • Reduction of detection costs (the registration of a 3D model significantly reduces the costs related to the operation)
  • Surveys of structures in areas that are difficult to access and not accessible, with total security
  • Increased accuracy and precision of information
  • Perform different types of analysis: (structural, thermal, energy, acoustic, lighting engineering